We Were Here First

The Pacific Coast League Before the Big Leagues Came


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The Pacific Coast League was organized in 1903 and with one exception, teams were based exclusively on the West Coast for more than half a century. Only the presence of Salt Lake City in the league from 1915-25 interrupted the continuity.
Then, when the Dodgers and Giants moved from New York to California in 1958, the PCL was literally blown to smithereens. Old, once-stable franchises landed all over the map, sometimes stayng in one city only a few years before relocating again. Today’s fans in such places as Nashville, Memphis and Omaha must wonder why in the world their hometown teams are part of something called the Pacific Coast League.
One period stands out in Coast League history–that from the end of World War II in 1945 until the league’s demise as a bastion of stability following the 1957 season. Old players, fans and historians, me among them, sometimes refer to it nostalgically as The Golden Age, the theme of this blog.

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